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Our Services

Bonded Warehouse

We provide storage solutions suitable for all product types (palletized, bulk and flammable) in 2 separate facilities in a total of 50 thousand m2 customs area,...


Unbonded Warehouse

We have 3 separate warehouses in a total of 20 thousand m2 of unbonded warehouse area; we provide storage solutions ...


Land Transportation

Thanks to our own fleet with guaranteed truck, C2, L2 and TIO licences, we are providing national and international landside transportation services for all types of cargo including container, cargo, partial and project cargo...




Sea And Air Cargo Transportation

Within extended carriers network and foreign agencies, we are able to design end-to-end logistics solutions...

Konteyner Satış

SOC Container

 Under the sea cargo transportation, we have also second hand container sales and leasing services available. According to the needs, we can provide a loading option with SOC container,...


Container Terminal Area

We handle all types of loads on a 50 thousand m2 concrete area with our wide machinery...