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In the next 5 years, 25 million m2 of additional storage space will be needed in our country.

Warehouse crisis is at the door!

If very urgent planned and institutional measures are not taken, a serious warehouse bottleneck awaits Turkey. Rapidly increasing and globalizing e-commerce increases the need for remotely consolidated and soon storage space.

In Turkey, where more than 95 million people, including immigrants, live, the recorded storage area is not even 20 million square meters (m2). 12 million m2 of this is located on the Kocaeli-Istanbul-Çatalca line. There is not 0.5 m2 of storage space per person in Turkey. In the next 5 years, 25 million m2 additional storage area will be needed.

Storage area per capita in the USA and Europe is higher than in our country.  

With the experience and business intelligence leadership of Akın Arslan, the founder of Tırport, which has become one of the few logistics technologies in the world, and the collective wisdom and cooperation of Oruç Kaya, one of the leading experts in warehousing in Turkey, the digital smart storage platform DepOrtak, which went live in March, has become a part of its technologies. It brings very ambitious solutions that will show its difference not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

According to DepOrtak's estimations, the total storage area in Turkey is around 20-25 million m2 as of today, including OIZs, factories, wholesalers, retailers, importers and logistics companies. If the UK, Germany, USA and Europe-wide “storage area (m2/person)” data is taken as an example, 40-60 million m2 of storage space in Turkey as of today and 35-40 million m3 if the GCCA Global Cold Storage Capacity Report is taken as a reference. should be a “temperature-controlled” storage area. In parallel with the development of the population, 500,000 m2 and 1,000,000 m2 of storage space should be added every year for Turkey in general and 105,000 m2 - 400,000 m2 for Istanbul every year.

In Turkey, which can be the supply chain of Europe, the need for storage space will increase

Underlining that the supply chain problems experienced during and after the pandemic reveal that the center of weight should be closer to consumption for supply, DepOrtak Co-Founder Oruç Kaya said:

“Turkey is the right country to become a supply chain country, especially in Europe. In this case, the need for storage space will be much higher in Turkey. Türkiye is a NearShore country for Europe. Another factor that will increase the need for storage space is that e-commerce develops and grows faster than expected. With the volume of e-commerce, both the number of users and the number of companies/businesses selling through e-commerce are increasing. For example, according to e-Commerce Information Platform data; The e-commerce volume, which was 136 Billion TL in 2019, the number of orders of 1.3 Billion and the number of 68,457 businesses increased to 800 Billion TL, 4.8 billion orders, and 548,688 businesses in 2022. Approximately 50% of the products returned in orders consist of products that need storage space. Millions of cargo are delivered to homes/offices every day.” said.

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