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Mercedes shared its experiences on EU Incentive Projects

Mercedes-Benz Türk organized a meeting on “EU Incentive Projects” and shared its experiences with its employees and partners. The company, which carries out 7 EU Incentive Projects simultaneously, also has a work to travel 800 km on a single charge with a truck with a carrying capacity of 40 tons.

Being at the center of innovation, quality and development with its production facilities and R&D Centers,  Mercedes-Benz Türk created awareness in the event it organized on “ EU Incentive Projects ” , which is of great importance for the development of the industry . The company, which currently carries out 7 EU Incented Projects and continues its efforts to increase the number of projects in the said field, shared its experiences with its employees and partners at the meeting held under the name of "EU Incentive Projects Information Day".

In the event held at Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory with the participation of the EU Presidency; Bülent Acicbe, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Production, Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck R&D Director Melikşah Yüksel, Ministry of Industry Deputy General Manager Ömer Bilen, EU Framework Programs Manager Çağrı Yıldırım and Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation General Manager Bülent Özcan. made statements about it.

In his speech, Bülent Acicbe, Member of the Executive Board in charge of Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Production, said, “Since 1995, when we started production at our Hoşdere Bus Factory, we maintain the position of our leading brand with its mission of being the flag carrier in the field of buses, with its continuously developing, producing and innovations in the 28-year period. As Mercedes-Benz Türk, we are at the center of innovation and development with our world-class Istanbul and Aksaray R&D Centers. As a production unit, it is very important for us to increase the awareness of EU Incentive Projects and to participate in the projects. As a company that acts with the principle of continuous improvement in production processes, we continue our efforts to take part in every EU Incentive Project that will increase our productivity in manufacturing.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D Director Melikşah Yüksel said: “We care about the achievements of the EU Incentive Programs, which we met 7 years ago with the guidance of TÜBİTAK. within 7 years; We have shared many experiences mutually with OEM-suppliers, technology developers, universities and academicians and we continue to do so. Apart from our bus and truck development units and our EU Incentive Projects in which we are indirectly or directly involved, we carefully examine every call made periodically; We aim to benefit from these incentives to the maximum extent with both our company and our stakeholders.”

800 km on a single charge with the ESCALETE Project

The ESCALATE Project, which draws attention in terms of its outputs among the projects carried out by Mercedes-Benz Türk, is carried out in line with the ultimate goal of traveling 800 km on a single charge with a truck with a carrying capacity of 40 tons.

Within the scope of the project carried out under the leadership of Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck R&D team; In addition to collecting and optimizing road data, performing material models and mechanical analyzes of plastic/composite carrier parts, creating an artificial intelligence-supported analysis model for verification and validations, energy efficiency optimizations will be carried out.

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