What is Gabari : Demiryolu güzergahında bulunan Köprü, tünel, rampa v.s sanatsal yapıların ölçüleridir.

What is Load Gabari : Railway vehicles and wagons are height and width measurements that can be carried without load or with no load (as wagon platform height + article height).

What is Building Gabari : Height and width measurements Height and width measurements are the maximum loads that can exceed the load gauge.

What is Exceptional Transportation : If special precautions must be taken between the departure station and the arrival station of a carriage during the carriage, this carriage is regarded as exceptional carriage.



  1. Kapıkule -Address Line Cutting Gabari; It is used in the transportation between Kapıkule and Edirne.
  2. Kapıkule-Halkalı Line Cut Gabari; It is used in the transportation between Kapıkule and Halkalı.
  3. Van-Kapıköy Line Cutting Gabari: It is used in the floors between Van and Kapıköy.
  4. Manisa-İzmir (Alsancak) Line Cutting Gabari: It is used in the transportation between Manisa and Izmir (Alsancak).
  5. TCDD General Gabari: It is used in all the transports to be carried out except the line segments mentioned above.

The gabari value stated in 1-3-4.Set has the same value and has the highest gabari value used in TCDD.

The second stated gauges are the gauges having the second largest gauges of the gauges used in TCDD.

5. The gabar with the smallest value used in the mentioned Gabari TCDD lines.

If the carriage loaded on the carriage will pass through the area with more than one gauges, it will be loaded according to the gauges having the smallest gauges.

Example : A route from Edirne to Kayseri will use two different routes with gabari values. These are Kapıkule-Halkalı Hat Kesimi gabarisi and TCDD Genel Gabari. Since TCDD General Gabari has the lowest value, the wagon will be loaded considering the TCDD General Gabriel measurements.

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