Liner Agency and NVOCC / FFWD (Forwarder); We provide services with our offices and warehouses located in Istanbul, Mersin and İzmir ports. Is to make the agency Altun Logistics (NVOCC), Empros Lines (Front & amp; Bulk) and MTS Container Lines (Container Service) at various points in the world from Turkey and give Turkey a container and open freight service from various points in the world.

NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) :

Our company, an agent of ALTUN Logistics, based in Belgium, has annual contracts and service agreements with shipowners agencies; experienced Far East, American and African agencies.

MTS, a subsidiary of the Egyptian firm based MESCO Container Lines as Turkey’s agency in Spain, we have been DIRECT SERVICE container transport between Egypt and Turkey.

Annual Shipping Agency Point having an average trading volume of 12,000 TEU each year increasing the volume aims to be among the top 5 in Turkey.

Open and Bulk Load Agency :

Our company has added ship agency to its activities as Mersin Agency of Empros Lines / Greece company known for its years of experience in General Cargo transportation as of 2007 year.

Established in 1914, Empros Lines started its regular line transportation in the present sense in 1950. Service network and fleet ship owner company increases with each passing year, Northern Europe today directly from Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and makes regular trips to West Africa.

We are pleased to serve you all kinds of bulk and open cargoes with our vessels that depart from Port of Antwerp regularly every 20 days and arrive at Mersin Port after about 16-18 days.