Noktas Inc. As EU norms having own fleet and contracted fleet with Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Turkic Republics and in complete and groupage (partial) international land transportation services.

  • Noktas International Transport Inc. It has become your long-time partner in the Iraqi market. For the Merchant, State and American Military, your project and cargo loads are serviced by experienced staff, port or customs warehouse transfers to the final destination, and provide transport and security services in Iraq. Our company, which is specialized in the transportation of natural gas equipments and equipment mainly used in petroleum exploration, serves the companies which are the world famous brands.

  • In the process of restructuring, Afghanistan is your solution partner for secure logistics coordination. With multimodal transport, Pakistan Karachi is organizing transshipment through ports of Port Qasim, over Iran Islamic Castle, over Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Container supply for the safety of the shipments is carried out with containers which are still available in their own right.

  • Iranian shipments as export-import and transit with Turkish and Iranian plate vehicles with optimal costs and provides optimal cost.

  • Dubai-Bahrain-Saudi Arabia-Syria-Kuwait-Amman services such as Middle East.

  • The Republic of Turks serves Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Georgia-Azerbaijan.

  • Complex and partial import-export services to all of Europe.

  • With Domestic Container Transport Service, you are carrying out address delivery of your exports to Ports and imports.

  • Trucks and vans with partial load your convenience we are able to move away from any part of Turkey to Iraq as soon as possible.